Power Electronic Capacitors and DC Link Capacitors

Over 34 years’ industry experience. Jimson company is a professional 220uf ceramic capacitor manufacturer operating in China for more than thirty years, Our stacked film capacitor is very suitable for DC and pulse circuits due to its strong mechanical characteristics, and high quality.
The quantity of Jimson’s capacitors keeps improving. Not only the production is based on the standard of the nation, but the worldwide acknowledged standards, ISO9001, and ISO14001, also have skilled and motivated employees to operate modern equipment. All these ensure Jimson’s capacitors with high quantity.
The quantity assurance system covers contracts with our customers and suppliers as well as the manufacturing and development operations. A few examples of the forms of our quality assurance are quality agreements, statistical process control, routine testing, security testing, affirm testing, and technical customer support.
The primary objective of Jimson is to maintain and improve the quality of its products and services and to be competitive in the marketplace.
We also have 0.33uF snubber capacitors, radio interference suppression X2/Y2 capacitors, Cbb61 AC.capacitor, metalized polyester film capacitors, axial polypropylene capacitors, Mini-BOX polyester film capacitors, Cbb81 metalized polypropylene capacitor, polyester film/foil capacitors, polypropylene film/foil capacitors, stacked film capacitor, axial film capacitors, snubber film capacitors, high voltage polypropylene film capacitors.
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