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Metalized polyester capacitors are one of our best-designed products, why do you say that? Metalized polyester capacitors are mechanically strong and can withstand high voltages without damage or failure; this quality makes them ideal for AC and pulse circuit designs. These components can be found in many circuit constructions, such as those used to generate and sink inductor current spikes.

And metalized polyester capacitors are also very suitable for resonant circuit systems, especially those capacitors designed to filter out noise or integrate between different circuits. One of the best features of these solutions is that they are very flexible both in terms of impedance and voltage rating; ultimately giving you more flexibility when designing your circuit!

Metallized polyester film capacitors, also known as polymer film capacitors, are a type of film capacitors used in high voltage applications. These capacitors are made of a thin metal coating applied to a polyester film used as a dielectric material. The metal layer acts as an electrical contact between the two electrodes of the capacitor. This type of capacitor can withstand higher voltages than conventional film capacitors, making it ideal for applications such as high-voltage power supplies, motor controllers, and inverters.

The main advantages of metallized polyester film capacitors include low ESR (equivalent series resistance) values, low cost and long lifetime. Their high dielectric strength and excellent temperature stability make them suitable for applications in harsh environments. Plus, they have excellent self-healing capabilities, reducing maintenance needs.

When selecting metallized polyester film capacitors for a given application, it is important to consider factors such as voltage rating, temperature rating, ESR value, and the dielectric material used. These parameters will determine the suitability of a capacitor for a particular application. It is also important to ensure that the capacitors can handle any surge currents that may be encountered in the system. Finally, it is important to check the capacitance value of the component as it should meet the level required by the application. If you need metallized polyester film capacitors, please contact us!

Our Service

Design and Product Development

Jimson can design, develop and develop the custom axial film capacitors as customer’s request. Our company's production experience more than 30 years in this field, and through the production technology beyond the process can help you to easily complete the entire production technology of highly complex products.

Inspections and Production Control

Jimson company performs inspection and production control. We will carefully follow the production specification, from mechanical inspection, 100% electrical testing , final inspection and packaging process. With this service, our customers can be sure that their products are produced according to the agreement with the supplier and that everything will go according to plan.


Box / box made of paper or fiberboard. No Wooden Packing Materials. Our packaging policy is based on customer concerns, the size and materials. Protective outer moulding and paper or fiberboard packaging are part of our commitment to our customers and comply with customs regulations.





Establishment of the Company

Year 1988,  Jimson Electronics was established in Taiwan


Year 1992,  Jimsion Electronics(Xiamen)Co.,Ltd was established


Year 1997,  Branch Office was established in Guangdong


Year 1997,  Passed the quality management system of ISO9002


Year 1999,  Branch Office was established in Shanghai



Company’s Certification

Year 1997,  Passed the quality management system of ISO9002


Year 2000,  Passed the quality management system of ISO9001


Year 2004,  ISO 9001 changed the edition and passed the environmental management system of ISO 14001 at the same time.  


Year 2005, All of Jimsons products were RoHS compliant.   



Company’s new factory

Year 2008, Moved to the new factory which located in Xiamen Torch Area. Factory Size: 5,600 Square Meters Total Investment: USD2,570,000



Large Scale of Company

Year 2012, mass produce double 85(THB) capacitors


Year 2019, mass produce DC-LINK,IGBT capacitors



Company’s Leap Forward

Year 2014,  halogen-free products were produced formal.


Year 2016, laser engraving instead of UV ink printing roundly.



Development of Company

Year 2018, Jimson established 30 years.

Year 2022,Jimsion Electronics(Xiamen)Co.,Ltd  established 30years.




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