Snubber Film Capacitors

This is protection metallized polypropylene film capacitor.Noise protection for connections during equipment switching activities,

Protection of electronic devices when relays, solenoids, and motors are operating,Electrical noise prevention for semiconductor equipment while triacs, transistors, motors, welders, etc. are being controlled.

Product Description

Snubber film capacitors are a type of film capacitor used in electronic circuits to reduce voltage spikes, noise, and electromagnetic interference (EMI). They are designed to provide a low-impedance path for high-frequency energy and suppress voltage transients that could damage sensitive components.

Snubber film capacitors are made by depositing a thin layer of metal (typically aluminum or zinc) onto a plastic film (usually polypropylene or polyester). This creates a thin, flexible capacitor with a high capacitance per unit volume. Snubber capacitors are typically made with polypropylene or polyester film because these materials have low dielectric loss and high insulation resistance.

Snubber film capacitors are often used in power electronics applications, such as switch-mode power supplies, motor drives, and inverters. In these circuits, they are connected in parallel with a switch or diode to absorb voltage transients and limit the rise time of the voltage waveform. Snubber film capacitors can also be used in audio circuits to filter out high-frequency noise and improve the signal-to-noise ratio.

Features of snubber film capacitors:

  1. Small size with superior performance;
  2. Suitable for PCB mounting;
  3. Has a high RMS current tolerance;
  4. Long service life and high dependability.

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Applications of snubber film capacitors:

  1. Noise protection for connections during equipment switching activities
  2. Protection of electronic devices when relays, solenoids, and motors are operating
  3. Electrical noise prevention for semiconductor equipment while triacs, transistors, motors, welders, etc. are being controlled

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Specifications of snubber film capacitors:

Dielectric: snubber film capacitors

Electrodes: Non-inductive,high pulse resistor

Leads: Tinned wire or polyvinylchloride(PVC)insulation stranded copper wire

Coating: Expoxy resin(UL94V-0)

CATEGORY: X2 class

Reference standard: IEC384-14 GB/T14472-98 EN132400 UL1283

Climatic catalogue: 40/100/21

Capacitance versus rated voltage:

(SERIES)0.01μF~1.0μF 300VAC 

(PARALLEL)0.001μF~0.68μF 300VAC


(SERIES ) 10-470 Ω,1/4、1/2 、1.0 or 2.0 Watt

(PARALLEL )1.0~2.2 MΩ,1/4 、1/2、 1Watt


4.3*UR Unit:VDC ( 1 minute at 20℃ )


C≤0.33µF  IR ≥15,000MΩ; C>0.33µF ,IR*C≥ 5,000S—-Series only

(1minute at 20 ℃ and RH≤ 65%)


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