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As a film capacitor manufacturer integrating development, design and production, our products have nearly 20 series and thousands of specifications, which are widely used in communication equipment, business machines, computers, household appliances, lighting equipment, AC motors And industry, medical equipment and automation equipment and other industries.

  • MEF10UFK100V

    MEF10UFK100V Capacitor—A Dazzling Pearl in the Field of Coupling and Noise Reduction

    Delving into the application of the MEF10UFK100V capacitor in coupling and noise reduction within electronic devices, it becomes evident that this capacitor shines brightly in the field of electronics with its exceptional professionalism, authority, and broad applicability. It has become an indispensable part of many high-end electronic devices. It serves not only as a bridge for signal transmission but also as a powerful tool for noise reduction, providing strong support for the performance enhancement and user experience optimization of electronic devices.

  • MKP156K250V

    MKP156K250V Power Supply Filter Capacitor: Professional Analysis for Empowering Pure Power

    MKP156K250V Capacitor: With its exceptional high-frequency filtering, enhanced voltage stability, and leading miniaturization and integration, it sets the standard in performance. This capacitor extends service life, improves reliability, and reduces maintenance costs. Additionally, it advocates for environmental protection and promotes sustainable development. Looking ahead, the MKP156K250V capacitor will lead the new trend in power filtering with its outstanding performance, empowering electronic devices and co-creating a new chapter in technology.

  • MAC5.0UFJ250VAC

    MAC5.0UFJ250VAC: Empowering the Future, a New Driving Force in Electronic Control.

    The MAC5.0UFJ250VAC electronic controller, with its outstanding performance, extensive application fields, and profound impact on industry development, has undoubtedly become a shining star in the field of electronic control. It not only demonstrates strong competitiveness and application potential in various fields such as industrial automation, smart buildings, new energy, and transportation, but also leads the future development of the entire industry with continuous technological innovation and forward-looking strategy.

  • MKP105K275VAC

    MKP105K275VAC: An Effective Suppressor of Electromagnetic Interference on Power Lines.

    The MKP105K275VAC capacitor is a crucial component for maintaining the reliability and performance of electronic devices by reducing the impact of EMI on power lines. Its robust features make it a preferred choice in the electronics industry for EMI suppression.

  • MPC105K1000V

    MPC1051000V Precision Timing Control Circuit,Innovation Leads the Way, an Unstoppable New Benchmark for High-Efficiency Power”

    The design and implementation of the MPC1051000V precise timing control circuit is an important achievement in the field of electronic technology. The circuit achieves precise control of various functional modules in the electronic system through high-precision time measurement and control technology, making an important contribution to enhancing the performance and stability of the entire system. With the continuous development of electronic technology and the continuous expansion of application fields, the MPC1051000V precise timing control circuit will play a more important role and usher in a broader market prospect.

  • MPP225J450V

    MPP225J450: The Guardian of Precision in Correction Circuits

    The MPP225J450V is a highly precise, wide-temperature, low-power correction circuit widely used in various fields like precision measuring instruments, communication equipment, medical equipment, and industrial automation control systems. Its high precision, wide temperature range, and excellent stability make it a vital component in electronic engineering, ensuring its continued vital role in the field.


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Jimson Electronics (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. is a professional axial film capacitor manufacturer for the international market.
We import advanced polyester film capacitor production equipment from Japan and Taiwan – which means we have state-of-the-art automation. Thanks to these machines, our efficiency has increased dramatically – they produce faster output with less human involvement.
Because our company employs people who are very knowledgeable about quality control – boasting some of the best experts in their field both locally and internationally – no matter how many different specifications of polyester film capacitor you need to manufacture for you, we’ll do it all!

We can provide complete sets of machinery and equipment for the manufacture of polyester film capacitors, such as DV/DT testing equipment, ovens, etc., for global customers. In addition, we can design nearly 20 models and thousands of specifications of snubber film capacitors. Our film capacitors are widely used in communication equipment;

If you are interested in our 220uf ceramic capacitor, stacked film capacitor, axial film capacitors, snubber film capacitors, high voltage polypropylene film capacitors, please feel free to contact us.

 business machines; computers; household equipment; industrial electronics; motors or other electrical equipment and even medical equipment or automobiles.

Panasonic, Electrolux, LG and Honeywell trust us.We have 10 R&D engineers UL, CUL, VDE, CB, ENEC and CQC marks More than 5500 square meters factory.

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household appliances 1


The power capacitors can be applicable for air conditioners, oven, microwave, inductor cooker, refrigerator, electric fan etc.
It can be used for starting , running and power factor correcting purpose.

  • DC isolation and AC through.
  • Coupling decoupling by passing and timing circuit.
  • Power Factor Correction, High Voltage, Resonant.
  • Smoothing and FMI filtering.
  • Tuning, Energy Storage.


The axial film capacitors are high voltage, high stability of capacitance, and DF versus temperature and frequency. It can be used in EV drive, EV/HEV charge station, car audio, HID, etc.

1. Power Electronic Controller

The DC-Link in Power Electronic Control is responsible for supplying energy or smoothing voltage ripple during the conversion of DC High voltage for the motors.

2. DC Converter

It is responsible for converting High DC Voltage from batteries to Low DC Voltage in general applications.

3. Onboard Charger

Performs three electronic functions:

  • Enhanced phase adjustments were made to the wall socket’s alternating current.
  • Rectify the voltage to DC voltage.
  • To up-convert the household voltage; enough to charge an EV.
automotiveevhev applications
industrial applications


There are many applications in the industry. The capacitors can be widely used in UPS, drive, inverter, motor control, elevator, and server power.

  • The Safety X/Y Capacitors are applicable for crossing the line.
  • The DC Link Capacitor can be supplied for DC Filtering and Smoothing.
  • The Snubber Film Capacitors can be snubber and have IGBT protection.

Tired of those bulky film capacitors? A polyester film capacitor and stacked film capacitor is a more space-saving and lighter-weight capacitor. Contact us for more information!

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