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Common CBB capacitors include CBB13 capacitors, CBB20 capacitors, CBB21 capacitors, CBB21X capacitors, and CBB81 capacitors.

  1. CBB13 capacitor: high-voltage polypropylene film capacitor, non-inductive structure, due to strong overcurrent capability, high insulation resistance, good moisture resistance, excellent frequency characteristics, etc., even at high frequency, the loss is extremely small, suitable for high frequency circuits, high voltage circuits, DC and pulsating circuits.
  2. CBB20 capacitor: axial metallized polypropylene capacitor, non-inductive structure, has the characteristics of low high-frequency loss, strong over-current capability, high insulation resistance, etc., can be used in high-current circuits, widely used in high-current circuits, frequency conversion and frequency division In large pulse circuits, especially in hi-fi frequency divider circuits.
  3. CBB21 capacitor: Metallized polypropylene film capacitor, with small size, low high-frequency loss, low temperature rise, good self-healing, widely used in filter circuits, pulse circuits, resonant circuits and coupling circuits, in filter circuits, coupling circuits It is used more often.
  4. CBB21X capacitor: small metallized polypropylene film capacitor, because the volume is smaller than the CBB21 capacitor, it can be said to be a reduced version of the CBB21 capacitor, which has the characteristics of high insulation resistance, moisture resistance and self-healing performance. When some circuits cannot be used due to small space CBB21X capacitors can be used when CBB21 capacitors are used.
  5. CBB81 capacitor: High-voltage metallized film capacitor, adopts inner series structure, has the characteristics of small high-frequency loss, strong over-current capability, high insulation resistance, and long service life. It is mainly used in DC, AC and high-current pulsating circuits, frequency converters Surge absorption, IGBT protection and other circuits.

In general, epoxy resin-encapsulated film capacitors like CBB21, CBB22, and CBB81 have a temperature resistance range of -40°C to 105°C. And polypropylene film capacitors packaged in plastic shells like MPB and MMKP82 can withstand a temperature range of -40°C to 110°C.

Metallized film is made by vacuum-evaporating a thin layer of metal (also called metal foil) on a plastic film as an electrode. In this way, the thickness of the electrode foil can be saved, and the volume of the unit capacity of the capacitor can be reduced, so the film capacitor can be easily made into a small capacitor with a large capacity.

Although film capacitors can be divided into many types, there are two types that are used the most, one is polypropylene film capacitors, also called CBB capacitors, and the other is polyester film capacitors, also called CL capacitors.

The upstream and downstream of the film capacitor industry chain are relatively stable. The upstream of the industrial chain is mainly raw materials, including wires, metal foils, base films, outer packaging resins and other materials.
Among them, the base film is the dielectric of the film capacitor. Different dielectric materials have different performances of the film capacitor. Therefore, the base film is the most important upstream raw material, accounting for 60-70% of the material cost.
The downstream of the industrial chain mainly includes traditional industries such as home appliances, LED lighting, and rail transit, as well as emerging industries such as new energy vehicles and photovoltaic wind power. Benefiting from the stable development of downstream traditional industries and the rapid growth of emerging industries, the film capacitor market has steadily expanded.

Compared with ceramic capacitors (MLCC, etc.), film capacitors and aluminum electrolytic capacitors are more difficult to increase added value in terms of dielectric material technology and processing technology. Chinese manufacturers can partially realize mass production by purchasing materials and equipment.

In addition, compared with MLCC, film capacitors have good temperature characteristics/capacitance, which can cope with application scenarios that require high precision, and there are no DC bias characteristics, sound, and cracks caused by temperature/physical shocks, etc. Therefore, Performance is superior to ceramic capacitors.

However, due to their large shape and high price, film capacitors are mainly used in voltage/capacitance ranges that cannot be covered by ceramic capacitors, and in high-performance/high-precision application scenarios, the most typical application scenarios such as electric vehicles and photovoltaic inverters.

In fact, there are many types of CBB capacitors. The common specifications of CBB capacitors generally include CBB11, CBB12, CBB13, CBB15, CBB16, CBB18, CBB19, CBB20, CBB21, CBB21X ultra-small capacitors, CBB22, CBB23, CBB24, CBB28, CBB48, CBB60, CBB61, CBB62, CBB65, CBB66, CBB69, CBB70, CBB71, CBB72, CBB80, CBB81, CBB90, CBB91, MPB boxed capacitors, MMKP82 double-sided metallized capacitors, etc.

CL capacitors have greater loss, especially in high-frequency circuits. Although the appearance of CBB capacitors and CL capacitors is not much different, the loss electrical properties are very different, and polyester capacitors have large losses, so CL capacitors generally cannot be used in high-frequency circuits. , while CBB capacitors have better high frequency resistance. Compared with the two, the performance of CBB capacitors is better.