High Voltage Polypropylene Film Capacitors

The high voltage polypropylene film capacitors can be high stability of capacitance and DF versus temperature and frequency.

Product Description

Feature of high voltage polypropylene film capacitors:

1.High voltage polypropylene film capacitors and aluminum foil composition, non-inductive structure
2.Low dissipation, small internal temperature rise
3.Can withstand high pulse, high current, high frequency resistance 100KHZ
4.Low capacity change, negative temperature coefficient
5.Epoxy resin encapsulation

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Application of high voltage polypropylene film capacitors:

1.Mainly applicable to various electronic circuits in high pulse lines, high current
2.Applicable to electronic ballast

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Specifications of high voltage polypropylene film capacitors:


Dielectric: Polypropylene film

Capacitance tolerance: M ±20% K ± 10% J ± 5%

Dissipation factor (tangent of loss): ≤0.10% (at 20℃ , 1KHz)


2.0*UR Unit: VDC (1minute at 20℃ )

Insulation resistance:

C ≤0.1μF, IR ≥30,000mΩ, C>0.1μF, IR*C≥5000S (1 minute at 20℃ and RH≤65%)



High voltage polypropylene film capacitors, also called CBB81 capacitor, is a kind of capacitor that can withstand high voltage, high frequency and high current, only some factories love to print CBB81 and some manufacturers love to print PPS, both are exactly the same.

CBB81 is a kind of non-polar polypropylene precipitated film dielectric high voltage capacitor.

C – Capacitor.

BB – Non-polar polypropylene film dielectric.

8 – High voltage capacitor.

1 – Design serial number, indicating different form factors, etc.

High voltage polypropylene film capacitors features:

Metalized polypropylene film series structure type, can withstand high voltage and high current shock, low loss, excellent electrical performance, high reliability and good self-healing performance.

High voltage polypropylene film capacitors are widely used in instruments, meters, TV sets and household appliances for DC pulsation and AC voltage reduction, especially for all kinds of electronic rectifiers and energy-saving lamp lines, and also for high-voltage potential absorption lines of all kinds of contactor contacts.

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