Customer Testimonials


I am a big fan of this suppression capacitors ! It can withstand the action of large pulse current and has high reliability. Metallized polyester film capacitors are especially suitable for pulsating circuits such as color TVs and complete machines.


The suppression capacitor sare amazing! It can withstand the effect of large pulse current and is an ideal component for DC or pulsating circuits. This product is especially suitable for electrical equipment such as color TV sets and complete sets. There are no downsides to this product; it’s a fantastic capacitor to add to any circuit!


Suppression capacitors are a good choice for dc or pulsating circuits. This kind of capacitor is especially suitable for complete sets such as color TVs, and can also be used for power supplies of car radios. Metalized polypropylene capacitors can withstand the action of large pulse currents and have high reliability, so for those who want to use it in such circuits, it is a wise choice to buy it.