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As a film capacitor manufacturer integrating development, design and production, our products have nearly 20 series and thousands of specifications, which are widely used in communication equipment, business machines, computers, household appliances, lighting equipment, AC motors And industry, medical equipment and automation equipment and other industries.


    0.27uF 275VAC X2 High Stability Capacitor

    The 0.27uF 275VAC X2 high stability capacitor undergo rigorous testing and certification to meet safety standards, such as the UL/IEC 60384-14 standard for X2 capacitors used in AC mains applications. Compliance with these standards ensures the capacitor’s reliability and electrical safety.

    Additionally,  design considerations, including proper circuit placement, mounting, thermal management, and component selection, are essential for the successful integration of the capacitor into  electrical system. As technology continues to advance, the 0.27uF 275VAC X2 high stability capacitor will remain a critical component in achieving optimal EMI suppression and electrical performance, resulting in enhanced user experience and product reliability.


    0.1uF 1200VDC Double Sided Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor

    The 0.1uF 1200VDC double sided metallized polypropylene film capacitor is a crucial component in household electronic devices and electrical systems. Its high capacitance value, compact size, and reliable performance make it suitable for various applications. By understanding the characteristics, specifications, operating principles, and benefits of this capacitor, engineers and designers can effectively incorporate it into household appliances, contributing to improved power delivery, stability, and overall performance. The 0.1uF 1200VDC double sided metallized polypropylene film capacitor serves as an essential element in enhancing the efficiency and functionality of household electronic devices, promoting comfort and convenience in everyday life.


    2.2uF X2 Capacitor

    X2 capacitors, including the 2.2uF variant, play a crucial role in suppressing electromagnetic interference.Given its safety capacitor designation, the 2.2uF  X2 capacitor is often employed in power supplies to enhance safety by providing a barrier against electric shock. The 2.2uF X2 capacitor’s specific safety standards that these capacitors adhere to and their importance in meeting regulatory requirements.The 2.2 uF X2 Capacitors undergo rigorous testing and certification to meet safety standards, such as the UL/IEC 60384-14 standard for X2 capacitors used in AC mains applications. Compliance with these standards ensures the capacitor’s reliability and electrical safety.


    0.068uF Taped X2 Capacitor

    The field of electronic components is dynamic, with continuous advancements and innovations. The future developments in X2 capacitor technology, including improvements in performance, materials, and design.The 0.068uF taped X2 Capacitor stands as a critical component in the world of electronics, ensuring safety, reliability, and optimal performance in a variety of applications. We delve  into the 0.068uF X2 capacitor’s capacitance value, applications, manufacturing process, and its role in comparison to other capacitors. By understanding the intricacies of this component, engineers and enthusiasts alike can make informed decisions in their electronic designs, contributing to the advancement of technology and safety standards in electronic devices.


    4.7uF 450V CBB21 Coating Capacitor for Refrigerator

    The 4.7uF 450V CBB21 coating capacitor plays a critical role in ensuring the efficient and reliable operation of refrigerators. By understanding the 4.7uF 450V CBB21 coating capacitor’s technical specifications, working principles, and contributions to refrigerator performance, manufacturers and engineers can optimize design and enhance the efficiency of refrigeration systems. Ongoing advancements in capacitor technology, such as miniaturization, advanced dielectric materials, and smart technologies, will further improve the performance and lifespan of capacitors in refrigeration applications.


    1.0uF 2000V Tubular GBT Buffering Absorption Capacitor

    The 1.0uF 2000V Tubular GBT Buffering Absorption Capacitor is a specialized electronic component with distinctive electrical characteristics and applications. The 1.0uF 2000V Tubular GBT Buffering Absorption Capacitor’s construction, working principle, electrical performance, and considerations for usage are vital aspects to understand for engineers and technicians working with electronic systems. By comprehensively exploring these areas, it provides a valuable resource for individuals seeking in-depth knowledge about the 1.0uF 2000V Tubular GBT Buffering Absorption Capacitor and its role in modern electronics.


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Jimson Electronics (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. is a professional axial film capacitor manufacturer for the international market.
We import advanced polyester film capacitor production equipment from Japan and Taiwan – which means we have state-of-the-art automation. Thanks to these machines, our efficiency has increased dramatically – they produce faster output with less human involvement.
Because our company employs people who are very knowledgeable about quality control – boasting some of the best experts in their field both locally and internationally – no matter how many different specifications of polyester film capacitor you need to manufacture for you, we’ll do it all!

We can provide complete sets of machinery and equipment for the manufacture of polyester film capacitors, such as DV/DT testing equipment, ovens, etc., for global customers. In addition, we can design nearly 20 models and thousands of specifications of snubber film capacitors. Our film capacitors are widely used in communication equipment;

If you are interested in our 220uf keramisk kondensator , stacked film capacitor, axial film capacitors, snubber film capacitors, high voltage polypropylene film capacitors, please feel free to contact us.

 forretningsmaskiner; computere; husholdningsudstyr; industriel elektronik; motorer eller andet elektrisk udstyr og endda medicinsk udstyr eller biler.

Panasonic, Electrolux, LG og Honeywell stoler på os. Vi har 10 R&D-ingeniører UL, CUL, VDE, CB, ENEC og CQC mærker Mere end 5500 kvadratmeter fabrik.

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The power capacitors can be applicable for air conditioners, oven, microwave, inductor cooker, refrigerator, electric fan etc.
Den kan bruges til at starte, køre og korrigere effektfaktoren.

  • DC isolation and AC through.
  • Coupling decoupling by passing and timing circuit.
  • Power Factor Correction, High Voltage, Resonant.
  • Smoothing and FMI filtering.
  • Tuning, Energy Storage.


The axial film capacitors are high voltage, high stability of capacitance, and DF versus temperature and frequency. It can be used in EV drive, EV/HEV charge station, car audio, HID, etc.

1. Power Electronic Controller

The DC-Link in Power Electronic Control is responsible for supplying energy or smoothing voltage ripple during the conversion of DC High voltage for the motors.

2. DC Converter

It is responsible for converting High DC Voltage from batteries to Low DC Voltage in general applications.

3. Onboard Charger

Performs three electronic functions:

  • Enhanced phase adjustments were made to the wall socket’s alternating current.
  • Rectify the voltage to DC voltage.
  • To up-convert the household voltage; enough to charge an EV.
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There are many applications in the industry. The capacitors can be widely used in UPS, drive, inverter, motor control, elevator, and server power.

  • The Safety X/Y Capacitors are applicable for crossing the line.
  • The DC Link Capacitor can be supplied for DC Filtering and Smoothing.
  • The Snubber film kondensatorer can be snubber and have IGBT protection.

Tired of those bulky film capacitors? A polyester film capacitor and stablede filmkondensatorer is a more space-saving and lighter-weight capacitor. Contact us for more information!

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