0.01uF High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor

We subject the 0.01uF high voltage ceramic capacitors to rigorous testing and quality control measures. They include capacitance measurement, voltage withstand tests, temperature cycling, humidity testing, and electrical parameter verification. Compliance with industry standards and specifications ensures consistent performance and reliability.The 0.01uF high voltage ceramic capacitor is a crucial component in many electronic circuits, offering high capacitance and the ability to withstand elevated voltage levels. The 0.01uF high voltage ceramic capacitor’s construction, dielectric properties, electrical characteristics, and applications make it a versatile choice for various high voltage applications.


Product Description

0.01uF High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor Specifications:

Temperature Range -25℃ to 125℃
Capacitance Range Y1 Capacitor:10PF-10000PF
Y2 Capacitor:10PF-10000PF
Capacitance tolerance M = ±20%, K = ±10%
Nominal Voltage Y1 Capacitor:400VAC
Y2 Capacitor:125VAC 250VAC~300VAC
Temperature Factor Y1 Capacitor:Y5P±10%;Y5V+20%;Y5U+20%
Y2 Capacitor:Y5P±10%;Y5V+20%;Y5U+20%
Loss factor Y5P:2.5%max at25℃ ASN 1KH 1±0.2Vrms。
Insulation resistance 25℃
Y1 Capacitor:10000MΩ at 500VDC for 1minute
Y2 Capacitor:10000MΩ at 500VDC for 60 seconds。
Dielectric strength Y1 Capacitor:4000VAC for 60 seconds-AC400V
Y2 Capacitor:2600VAC for 60 seconds-AC300V


0.01uF Ceramic Capactor

When a voltage is applied across the terminals of the 0.01uF high voltage ceramic capacitor, it charges and stores electrical energy in the electric field between the metal electrodes. The amount of charge stored is proportional to the applied voltage and the capacitance value. Capacitors resist changes in voltage (act as voltage stabilizers) and allow the flow of alternating current (AC) while blocking direct current (DC).

The 0.01uF value indicates the capacitance of the capacitor, which is 0.01 microfarads or 10 nanofarads. Moreover, the “high voltage” designation signifies that the capacitor is designed to withstand higher voltage levels, typically ranging from tens to hundreds of volts.The 0.01uF high voltage ceramic capacitor finds applications in filtering and decoupling circuits.

The 0.01uF high voltage ceramic capacitor’s capacitance value and high-frequency response make it effective in filtering out noise and stabilizing voltage levels. The capacitor can attenuate high-frequency signals while allowing low-frequency signals to pass through, resulting in cleaner power supplies and improved circuit performance.

The 0.01uF high voltage ceramic capacitor is particularly suited for high voltage applications. These include power supplies, voltage multiplier circuits, high-frequency coupling and decoupling, voltage regulation, snubber circuits, and energy storage applications. Its compact size, stability, and ability to withstand high voltages make it indispensable in numerous electronic systems.

When incorporating the 0.01uF high voltage ceramic capacitor into a circuit, several design considerations must be taken into account. These include selecting the appropriate capacitance value, voltage rating, dielectric material, temperature range, and understanding factors such as self-resonant frequency, parasitic capacitance, and inductance. Careful consideration of these factors ensures optimal circuit performance and reliability.

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