2.2uF X2 Capacitor

X2 capacitors, including the 2.2uF variant, play a crucial role in suppressing electromagnetic interference.Given its safety capacitor designation, the 2.2uF  X2 capacitor is often employed in power supplies to enhance safety by providing a barrier against electric shock. The 2.2uF X2 capacitor’s specific safety standards that these capacitors adhere to and their importance in meeting regulatory requirements.The 2.2 uF X2 Capacitors undergo rigorous testing and certification to meet safety standards, such as the UL/IEC 60384-14 standard for X2 capacitors used in AC mains applications. Compliance with these standards ensures the capacitor’s reliability and electrical safety.

Product Description

2.2uF X2 Capacitor Specifications:

Dielectric Polypropylene film
Electrodes Vacuum evaporated metal
Coating Encapsulated in reinforced flame retardant plastic case sealed with epoxy resin meeting the requirement of UL 94V-0
Leads Radial leads of tinned wire/ insulation flexible wire
Reference standard IEC 60384-14 (3nd Edition,2005) UL1414,UL1283,
GB/T 14472-1998,EN60384-14
Climatic catalogue 40/100/21 (GMF)
Capacitance versus rated voltage (UR) 0.001µF-2.2µF/275VAC (50/60Hz)
0.001µF-4.7µF/310VAC (50/60Hz), (UL)
Capacitance tolerance M = ±20%, K = ±10%, and J = ±5%
Dissipation factor DF≤1.0% (at 20°C, 1KHz)
Voltage-proof 4.3*UR Unit VDC (1minute at 20℃ )
Insulation resistance C ≤0.33μF, IR ≥15,000mΩ, C>0.33μF, IR*C≥5000S
(1 minute at 20 and RH≤65%)
Endurance: The test voltage 125% shall be applied for 1000 hours in the 100 ℃ chamber.Each of these voltage shall be applied to each capacitor individually through a resistor of 47Ω±5%, During this period, 1000VAC 60Hz for 0.1sec be applied once each hour. After the Test:
△ C/C ≤ 10%; IR ≥ 50% of the specified value;
△ DF ≤ 0.8%(C ≤ 1µF);
△ DF ≤ 0.5%(C > 1µF); (at 20 ℃ 1KHz)
2.2uF X2 Capacitor


The Design Considerations of 2.2uF X2 Capacitor

1. Circuit Placement:  The capacitor’s optimal placement within the electrical circuitry is crucial for effective EMI suppression. It should be strategically positioned near noise-generating components and close to the point of noise entry.

2.Mounting and Connection:  The capacitor must be securely mounted and properly connected within the Electrical PCB (Printed Circuit Board) layout. Adequate clearance and creepage distances must be maintained to ensure electrical safety and compliance with safety standards.

3.Thermal Management:  Electric appliance can generate significant heat during operation. Proper thermal management techniques, such as heat sinks or thermal vias, should be employed to ensurethe 2.2uF X2 Capacitor operates within its specified temperature range and maintains its EMI suppression performance.

4.Component Selection:  Along with the capacitor, other components in the electric appliance system, such as resistors, inductors, and filters, should be carefully selected to ensure compatibility and optimal EMI suppression.

5.Compliance Testing:  The integration of the 2.2uF X2 Capacitor necessitates compliance testing to verify the electric appliance’s adherence to safety and regulatory standards. These tests include insulation resistance, voltage withstand, and EMI emission and immunity measurements.

The Filtering and Decoupling of 2.2uF X2 Capacitor

One of the primary applications of the 2.2uF Taped X2 Capacitor is in filtering and decoupling circuits. These capacitors help in smoothing out voltage fluctuations, minimizing noise, and ensuring stable power supply conditions for sensitive electronic components.

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